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Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aston, Alice  1326Cheshire, England I138257
2 Blood, James Sr.  1588Cheshire, England I2711
3 Boothe (Bothe), Elizabeth  1483Cheshire, England I136690
4 Bostock, Alice  1398Cheshire, England I39954
5 Brereton, Alice  Cheshire, England I84839
6 Brereton, Ellen  1471Cheshire, England I55492
7 Brereton, Mary  1524Cheshire, England I140270
8 Brereton, Roger  Cheshire, England I84840
9 Bromley, Richard  1445Cheshire, England I103776
10 Bromley, Thomas  Abt 1434Cheshire, England I48191
11 Butler, Jane  Abt 1220Cheshire, England I147449
12 Cheadle, Agnes  1393Cheshire, England I147306
13 Davenport, Roger  1226Cheshire, England I147458
14 Day, William  Abt 1816Cheshire, England I748
15 De Bromley, Richard  1251Cheshire, England I149046
16 De Bulkeley, Margery  1384Cheshire, England I147326
17 de Davenport, John  Abt 1177Cheshire, England I147474
18 De Dutton, Geoffrey  Abt 1185Cheshire, England I104601
19 de St. Pierre, Joanne  1255Cheshire, England I118195
20 DeRisley, Margaret  1254Cheshire, England I138232
21 DeRisley, Margaret  1254Cheshire, England I138522
22 Domville, Lady Werburga ^  1134Cheshire, England I148408
23 Done, Susanna  1537Cheshire, England I107559
24 Drakeford, Ann  1826Cheshire, England I141789
25 Drakeford, Betsy  1841Cheshire, England I141795
26 Drakeford, Elizabeth  1833Cheshire, England I141792
27 Drakeford, Esther  1835Cheshire, England I141793
28 Drakeford, Hannah  1837Cheshire, England I141794
29 Drakeford, John  1821Cheshire, England I141788
30 Dutton, Alice  1387Cheshire, England I54749
31 Dutton, Edmund  1342Cheshire, England I54399
32 Dutton, Edmund  1342Cheshire, England I148392
33 Dutton, Sir Geoffrey  1240Cheshire, England I30651
34 Dutton, Isabelle  1274Cheshire, England I96928
35 Dutton, Mrs John  Abt 1461Cheshire, England I137627
36 Dutton, Ralph  1518Cheshire, England I54366
37 Egerton, Ralph  1468Cheshire, England I150409
38 Goldsmith, Ellen  Abt 1580cheshire, England I72378
39 Grimsditch, Margaret  Cheshire, England I122659
40 Grosvenor, Thomas  1377Cheshire, England I128384
41 Hallum, Joan  Abt 1290Cheshire, England I135768
42 Hatton, John  Abt 1290Cheshire, England I135767
43 Hatton, Sir Adam  1385Cheshire, England I135752
44 Hatton, Sir Adam  1385Cheshire, England I135761
45 Hawarden, Black John  Abt 1311Cheshire, England I151236
46 Hawarden, Felice  1317Cheshire, England I151237
47 Hawarden, John Harden  1269Cheshire, England I151234
48 Hawarden, Mrs John  1273Cheshire, England I151235
49 Hesketh, Margery  Abt 1481Cheshire, England I117416
50 Hextall, Joan  1413Cheshire, England I18935

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 de Spencer, Murial  Cheshire, England I138240
2 de Spencer, Murial  Cheshire, England I138527


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Leofnoth  1086Cheshire, England I103949
2 Arderne, Matilda of Alvanley  1379Cheshire, England I151852
3 Aston, Robert of Cheshire,  1417Cheshire, England I127869
4 Beeston, Elizabeth De  1446Cheshire, England I127849
5 Beeston, Elizabeth De  17 Oct 1455Cheshire, England I103976
6 Belgrave, Thomas  1376Cheshire, England I151859
7 Blount, William  Abt 1477Cheshire, England I153144
8 Booth, Richard  28 Mar 1628Cheshire, England I75837
9 Boweles, Catherine  1355Cheshire, England I103784
10 Brereton, Elizabeth  Aft 1557Cheshire, England I56371
11 Brereton, William (Vlll)  1420Cheshire, England I128486
12 Bulkeley, Richard Of Cheadle  1500Cheshire, England I147248
13 Calvely, Hugh  1 Mar 1606Cheshire, England I139093
14 Coke, John  Cheshire, England I127488
15 Corbett, Anne  1450Cheshire, England I127040
16 Cruce, Aveline de  1299Cheshire, England I149367
17 de Audley, ELizabeth  Abt 1345Cheshire, England I152859
18 de Audley, Emma  Abt 7 Mar 1265Cheshire, England I132610
19 de Bostock, Agnes  1483Cheshire, England I147340
20 de Bulkeley, Richard  um 1401Cheshire, England I147374
21 de Fitton, Margery  1300Cheshire, England I104532
22 de Houghton, Alieia  1413Cheshire, England I136951
23 de Hyde, Knight,, Sir. John Baron Hyde of Norbury  1525Cheshire, England I136689
24 De Lee, Roger  1278Cheshire, England I138930
25 De Lee, Roger  1278Cheshire, England I149366
26 de Orreby, Phillip  Abt 1230Cheshire, England I149399
27 de Spencer, Murial  1216Cheshire, England I138240
28 de Spencer, Murial  1216Cheshire, England I138527
29 de St. Pierre, Urian of Shocklach Oviatt  12 Mar 1311Cheshire, England I128513
30 de Waleton, Warin  1260Cheshire, England I151885
31 DeStourton, Alexander  Cheshire, England I130762
32 Dutton, Agnes  1428Cheshire, England I54716
33 Dutton, Alice  Cheshire, England I54749
34 Dutton, Edmund  Cheshire, England I54399
35 Dutton, Edmund  Bef 1392Cheshire, England I148392
36 Dutton, Edward  17 Jun 1620Cheshire, England I101727
37 Dutton, Eleanor  1505Cheshire, England I136277
38 Dutton, Sir Geoffrey  1277Cheshire, England I30651
39 Dutton, Isabelle  1300Cheshire, England I96928
40 Dutton, Thomas  23 Sep 1459Cheshire, England I82877
41 Egerton, Philip  Bef 1363Cheshire, England I39794
42 Eulowe, Lady Elizabeth  1466Cheshire, England I135751
43 Fitton, Hamon  1374Cheshire, ENGLAND I147413
44 Gatacre, Joyce  1515Cheshire, England I127217
45 Golborne, Margaret  1450Cheshire, England I150411
46 Harington, Isabel  22 May 1441Cheshire, England I129679
47 Hatton, Robert  Aft 1412Cheshire, England I135755
48 Hawarden, Mrs John  1333Cheshire, England I151235
49 Hellesby, Katherine  1415Cheshire, England I135753
50 Hellesby, Katherine  1415Cheshire, England I135762

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gerard, William  7 Apr 1681Cheshire, England I138028
2 Warren, John Nicholas  1413Cheshire, England I150459
3 Wharton,, Thomas de Sr.  1468Cheshire, England I113958


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Vernon  1380Cheshire, England F61744
2 Blount / Winnington  1452Cheshire, England F12931
3 Booth / Egerton  May 1619Cheshire, England F46100
4 Booth / Warburton  1565Cheshire, England F40353
5 Davenport / Dutton  Abt Jan 1621Cheshire, England F54783
6 de Bulkeley / de Venables  11 Nov 1387Cheshire, England F64098
7 de Hyde, Knight, / Boothe (Bothe)  1522Cheshire, England F62068
8 de Massey / De Beaumont  1124Cheshire, England F62362
9 Dutton /   Abt 1359Cheshire, England F32999
10 Dutton /   Abt 1420Cheshire, England F46076
11 Dutton /   Abt 1375Cheshire, England F32980
12 Dutton /   Abt 1400Cheshire, England F46074
13 Dutton /   Abt 1405Cheshire, England F46075
14 Dutton / Basset  Abt 1368Cheshire, England F32979
15 Dutton / Calveley  20 Jan 1601Cheshire, England F54777
16 Dutton / de Spencer  1200 `Cheshire, England F62307
17 Dutton / de Vernon  Abt 1398Cheshire, England F32785
18 Dutton / Minshull  1366Cheshire, England F31252
19 King / Daniel  Bef 1589Cheshire, England F32245
20 Legh / Savage  Abt 1427Cheshire, England F62554
21 Lunt / Leversage  1591Cheshire, England F62990
22 of Dutton x / de Spencer  1200 `Cheshire, England F62354
23 Thomas / Thornton  1334Cheshire, England F55320
24 Warren / Booth  Abt 1597Cheshire, England F42600
25 Wilbraham / Lady of Cheshire"  1434Cheshire, England F64783

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