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Cheshire, England



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arden, Margaret  1292Cheshire, England I103391
2 Beaumont, Eleanor  1100Cheshire, England I109586
3 Bostock, Anne  1 Jan 1479Cheshire, England I106092
4 Brereton, Alice  Cheshire, England I84868
5 Brereton, John  1396Cheshire, England I106233
6 Brereton, Nicholas  1389Cheshire, England I106228
7 Brereton, Roger  Cheshire, England I84869
8 Bulkeley, Mrs William  1396Cheshire, England I106061
9 Cholmondeley, Richard  1426Cheshire, England I109310
10 Cholmondley, William Sir  1375Cheshire, England I109312
11 Corbit, Elizabeth  1280Cheshire, England I109473
12 Daniell, John  Abt 1290Cheshire, England I109371
13 Daniels, Peter  1490Cheshire, England I109242
14 De Dutton, Edmund  1342Cheshire, England I109352
15 de Saint Pierre, Joan  1255Cheshire, England I109453
16 Dutton, Isabelle  1274Cheshire, England I110780
17 Fitzedmund de Dutton, Sir Peter  1370Cheshire, England I109356
18 Goulson, Margaret  1456Cheshire, England I107213
19 Hawarden, Black John  Abt 1311Cheshire, England I105432
20 Hawarden, Felice  1317Cheshire, England I105433
21 Hawarden, John Harden  1269Cheshire, England I105430
22 Hawarden, Mrs John  1273Cheshire, England I105431
23 Hill, Robert  1452Cheshire, England I106442
24 King, Francis  Abt 1596Cheshire, England I53425
25 King, William  Abt 1530Cheshire, England I53494
26 King, Captain William  Abt 1544Cheshire, England I53492
27 Kingsley, Catherine de  Cheshire, England I19835
28 Lee, John  Abt 1270Cheshire, England I110779
29 Lee, John  Abt 1296Cheshire, England I110770
30 Leycester, Joan  1405Cheshire, England I109328
31 Leycester, John  1398Cheshire, England I109268
32 Leycester, Thomas Maisterson  1401Cheshire, England I109327
33 Manley, Katherine  Abt 1485Cheshire, England I105961
34 Mascey, Isabella De  1278Cheshire, England I109474
35 Savage, Christopher  1471Cheshire, England I106107
36 Savage, John  1450Cheshire, England I106104
37 Savage, Thomas  1505Cheshire, England I106102
38 Trussell, William  Bef 1331Cheshire, England I108128
39 Warburton, Elizabeth  1401Cheshire, England I109288


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arden, Margaret  1338Cheshire, England I103391
2 Booth, Richard  28 Mar 1628Cheshire, England I75856
3 Brereton, Elizabeth  30 Nov 1545Cheshire, England I105924
4 Brereton, Elizabeth  Aft 1557Cheshire, England I56383
5 Brereton, Henry  Cheshire, England I106234
6 Bromley, Anne  1449Cheshire, England I109313
7 Cholmondeley, Richard  1489Cheshire, England I109310
8 Corbit, Elizabeth  1330Cheshire, England I109473
9 Daniel, Pernall  Abt 1570Cheshire, England I109245
10 de Arderne, Agnes  1 Jun 1385Cheshire, England I103395
11 de Bostock, Nicholas  1 Jun 1470Cheshire, England I106124
12 De Dutton, Edmund  Bef 1392Cheshire, England I109352
13 Derby, Thomas Stanley  29 Jul 1504Cheshire, England I106162
14 Dutton, Agnes  1428Cheshire, England I109326
15 Dutton, Alice  Cheshire, England I109362
16 Dutton, Edward  17 Jun 1620Cheshire, England I101761
17 Dutton, Eleanor  1505Cheshire, England I106134
18 Dutton, Isabelle  1300Cheshire, England I110780
19 Dutton, Matilda  Abt 1489Cheshire, England I106188
20 Dutton, Thomas  23 Sep 1459Cheshire, England I109358
21 Hawarden, Mrs John  1333Cheshire, England I105431
22 Honford, John Iii  Oct 1473Cheshire, England I106076
23 Hulse, Sir Hugh Justice  Jun 1415Cheshire, England I41086
24 Kent, Johanne Juliane  1662Cheshire, England I106972
25 Lee, John  1300Cheshire, England I110779
26 Lee, John  1370Cheshire, England I110770
27 Leycester, Cicely of Tabley  1455Cheshire, England I109329
28 Leycester, Joan  Cheshire, England I109328
29 Leycester, John  1448Cheshire, England I109268
30 Leycester, Thomas Maisterson  1435Cheshire, England I109327
31 Mainwaring, Edward I  8 Nov 1604Cheshire, England I105958
32 Minshull, Henry  1370Cheshire, England I109401
33 Rhys, Karyn verch  1305Cheshire, England I103400
34 Savage, Margaret  12 Jul 1469Cheshire, England I106146
35 Vernon, Baron Jacob  6 Dec 1431Cheshire, England I106256
36 Vernon, Lord John  4 Nov 1458Cheshire, England I106120
37 Vernon, Matilda  1185Cheshire, England I108273
38 Vernon, Lord Richard  1439Cheshire, England I106171
39 Warburton, Geoffrey Egerton  Cir 1448Cheshire, England I109275


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Eleanor  1157Cheshire, England I109586
2 De Beaumont, Eleanor  1157Cheshire, England I109587


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Booth / Egerton  May 1619Cheshire, England F44694
2 Booth / Warburton  1565Cheshire, England F39038
3 Brereton / Manley  1510Cheshire, England F53891
4 Daniels / Newton  1490Cheshire, England F54561
5 Davenport / Dutton  Abt Jan 1621Cheshire, England F53108
6 De Dutton / Minshull  1366Cheshire, England F54583
7 De Pulford / de Dutton  1320Cheshire, England F54597
8 de Trafford / Ince, Baroness Trafford  29 Sep 1350Cheshire, England F53490
9 de Trafford / Ince, Baroness Trafford  29 Sep 1350Cheshire, England F53491
10 Dutton /   Abt 1359Cheshire, England F31913
11 Dutton /   Abt 1420Cheshire, England F44670
12 Dutton /   Abt 1375Cheshire, England F31895
13 Dutton /   Abt 1400Cheshire, England F44668
14 Dutton /   Abt 1405Cheshire, England F44669
15 Dutton / Basset  Abt 1368Cheshire, England F31894
16 Dutton / Calveley  20 Jan 1601Cheshire, England F53102
17 Dutton / Vernon  Abt 1398Cheshire, England F31701
18 King / Daniel  Bef 1589Cheshire, England F31187
19 Leycester / Dutton  1398Cheshire, England F54576
20 Leycester / Mobberley  1322Cheshire, England F54588
21 Minshull / de Pulford  1340Cheshire, England F54590
22 Newton / Cholmondley  Abt 1477Cheshire, England F54568
23 Vernon / Minshull  Abt 1382Cheshire, England F53929
24 Warren / Booth  Abt 1597Cheshire, England F41242

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